If I would just stop traveling

Maybe I could keep up on my Blog a little better. I’ve been wanting to post for days and days….sorry I took so long.

So – Disneyland! We had a wonderful time! The morning we left, we pulled the kids out of bed and right to the car at 4:30am. Once we got to the airport and got the bags checked in we were finally able to breath for a few moments. We had not told the kids we were taking a trip, and even at the airport we did not tell them where we were going.
So, we got on the plane and got totally lucky to end up getting one whole row to ourselves. The flight was pretty quick and the kids did a great job! D started getting restless about 1/2 hour before landing and then fell asleep. Of course!!

Anyways…we started out trip in San Diego with a quick visit at my oldest brothers house. We have not seen him or his wife since Christmas so that was a treat! And they treated us to SeaWorld. Oh man…what a fun place. It was our first trip to SD or SeaWorld and the kids loved Shamu! My son is still asking every day to go again….More, More he asks!

This is DD at the tide pool. She was freaked at first but was then totally into it.

This next pic is my brother, sis in law, DD, with me and DS in the back.

DS favorite part of the day was
He was up on his feet clapping and hollering everytime Shamu did a trick. It was so cool to see them having so much fun!
The kids could have just stayed there and watched show after show after show.

After a few more activities and a very full day, we headed up north to spend the rest of the evening with Mike and Kiki. It was really hard to leave them the next day, as we were headed to Anaheim but I was so thankful that we had the chance to even spend 1 day with them.

As this post has gotten a tad long, I’ll wrap it up and post again tomorrow. I think we took something like 500 pictures so it could get to be a 10 parter before it’s all said and done!

Thanks for coming by and seeing what is going on here. If you haven’t already Please sign my guestbook! I would love to know where everyone is visiting from.

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