Cancer Journey

Chemo Round 2

This week I went in for my second round of AC Chemo, known as “The Red Devil”. This is the most common chemo for patients with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. It gets its nickname because of the dark red color and the harsh side effects. I thought I’d share how my week has been so far.

Day 1: Chemo day. Getting chemo takes about 5 hours total so when I go I pack a bag. I always bring mints, ginger chews, a few snacks & water plus something to keep me occupied. So far, both chemo days have been good days for me.

Day 2: 24 hours after my infusion I return to the hospital for a shot of Neulasta. It is used as a booster to increase my white blood cell counts, Both  times I’ve gotten this I feel pretty good on day 2 but am usually ready for for an afternoon nap.

Day 3: This is my tired day, and the day when nausea can start. So far I have been lucky that nausea hasn’t been much of a problem. I wear Sea Bands on days 3-5 and they really work well! This week I spent all of day 3 in bed, just resting. I have been able to eat well and I’m finding if I eat every couple of hours I feel better.

Day 4: Today I woke up feeling really good. I was able to get out of the house for an hour with Chris and run some errands. Riding in the Jeep makes anyone feel better.

Day 5: The highlight of my week. I took it easy all day so that I can attend a very special wedding. I am feeling so self conscious about going bald-headed, so I’ve done my make up and bought myself a pretty new dress with fun chunky earrings! Good food, great friends and some dancing made for the perfect evening. I didn’t dance much, but to even feel well enough to attend was good enough for me.


  • Julie Carter

    Well, lady, you look beautiful without hair! I love those pictures. Praying for you! You are strong and courageous and the Lord is with you!

  • Jen Yeasley

    Hello Jen!! I had know idea you were going through this!! I am so sorry… look at you beautiful lady!! What an inspiration you are!! Please know that you are now on my heart and in my prayers! I don’t think we ever got to personally meet one another… I’ve seen your posts… it seems we keep missing each other’s paths!! I moved to Idaho in2014 and we were apart of Foundations co op for about 20 months and had to move back to Ca. And we’re blessed to come here again in 2018!! Hopefully our paths will cross again soon!! Many blessings to you 💕 you are in my prayers 🙏💕

  • Nancy Williams

    Wow. I had no idea you were going through this Jen. I am so behind.

    I am totally amazed at beautiful you look. The earrings are fabulous as is that dress. Your confident smile is wonderful and no one would ever tell you were worried about going bald. Lovely pictures and lovely post. Definitely praying for you!

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