5 Minute Friday…Grit

Here I am, another 5 minute Friday.  The topic today is Grit. The idea of 5 minute Friday is no thinking…just writing. Not writing for anyone but yourself and no need to worry if it is right, or brilliant or anything else, just write.

So….ready or not…. GO!

The get, down and dirty, hard stuff of life. These days, my grit is mostly the dust that doesn’t get dealt with because we are taking Friday Field trips, or make up days for unfinished work. Or it’s the grit on the floor of the school room that needs to be swept but I don’t want to interrupt the lesson to grab the vacuum and take care of it. Once I leave the room, I forget and then it’s still there on the next school day.

Grit is the hard moments when DS doesn’t want to do this hard writing or DD is stuck on a math problem and I really want her to try to figure it out on her own. Grit is the times when I know I’m doing the best thing possible but wondering if’ I’m trying to do too much?

Grit is the menu changes I am trying to make to get rid of the dry skin, bad gas and other ailments that plague my family but are not worthy of a visit to the DR.

Grit is the way I feel seeing my kids growing and learning to be their own people and knowing they are going to rebel and push bask in some way, some day.

Grit is the jist of my life and I would not have it any other way.


When I am awake

This post is a part of 5 Minute Friday at The Gypsy Mama’s blog. I am not a great blogger and really only blog for an audience of One but if from time to time it helps someone else than all the more blessings!

5 mintues of writing…not thinking, not editing to make it something other than it is. Are you ready? Am I?

Go –

Many times between homeschooling, mothering, being a wife and a human I am not sure that I am awake. Like the fully awake where you can see the gifts and blessings that are in your life and take the time to give God the glory He deserves.

I want to be awake. I really do. If I could only get the cat to stop spooning me at 3am. Or if my son in the next room wasn’t having such loud, talking dreams. Maybe I could be more awake if I stopped looking at homeschool blogs right before bed or left next years curriculum planning to this summer. Both of those make my mind race like we were at Daytona!

I want to be AWAKE to the little things in life. I want to be AWAKE to the big things God is bringing me way. Lile how my daughter is finaly getting the hang of our math program. Or how my son suddenly would rather read than do math. Or how the messyness of my craft room makes my dear husband a little crazy.
What else am I missing when I am not fully awake? God’s rich gifts poured out each day on me in the form of fresh grace? How about a friendship blossoming because I was too worried about which errande needed to be run. I don’t want to miss any of these  – so I am going to try to be more awake. Even when I’m not sleeping much at night, and I wake up restless and know there isn’t enough coffee waiting fo rme downstairs. I will still make more of an effort to be awake to the gifts I might be missing, right in front of me.


So…what are you AWAKE for? Are you fully awake or just going through the motions? Do you ever feel like you are missing something because you catch yourself sleeping? I know I do. I’d love to hear your personal story or comment.

Thanks you so much for taking the time to stop by!


Open to the New Year

 This post is for the last 5 minute Friday of 2011…even though I am a couple of days late! The topic? Open


A new Year…2012. I have my heart and mind open to what ever the Lord has in store for us. I never would have imagined the road that we have traveled down and I cannot even fathom what might be in store for this year. I am open to new friendships. I am open to learning new things. I am open to closing old doors as God directs. I am open to being on the homeschool road for as long as we can, maybe forever.

I am open to doing a year long study of the Psalms. This is a scary commitment for me but I am ready and open for it.

I am open for the lessons that the Lord wants to teach me and know that they will not be easy. That is OK, I trust it is for the best for me.

I am open to the fact that my children and growing up right before my very eyes and I need to prepare myself and them for what lies ahead during these hard tween years.

I am open to the idea of moving to a different house next summer if our lease ends and we feel His direction. I am not looking forward to packing, but open to the idea.

I am open to what ever He directs because I know that what ever He brings me to, He will bring me through.


This is only the 2nd time I’ve participated and I really enjoy the time limit. I tend to overthink everything that I do, so this is agreat way to just write and not over do it!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope that your new year is off to a great start!



A few days ago was 5 minute Friday over at The Gypsy Mama. For my first time ever I thought I’d participate. So today I write for 5 minutes, uninterrupted and without editing or judgement ( I hope). I am very nervous but need to give it a go. Oh…and yes I know it’s not Friday but I’m just now getting around it it. We have had a jam packed weekend!


I remember when I was small and my parents told me they were going to get divorced. I was sad and did not understand at all. It is one of my earliest memories

I remember when I was about 8 my best friend and I got matching Schwinn bikes for Easter. They were blue and seemed so big at the time. My friend’s name was Jennifer as well and she crashed her’s into the street sign post on our first run down the hill to the cul-de-sac.

I remember a couple of years later when I fell off of that same bike and broke my first bone. It was the collarbone and hurt….I had to wear a very uncomfortable brace for months it seemed.

I remember when I was in highschool and I thought I knew it all. I was going to marry young, start a family and live happily ever after.

I remember the being in college and thinking I didn’t need the education and chose to just start my professional life. While it was rewarding and I met life long friends, it probably was not the wisest choice I’d ever make.

I remember the day I realized I had been living for all of the wrong reasons….


There it is, my first 5 minute Friday..on a Monday no less.

Blessings and Hugs