Back to School

Yes people! It is that time again! Time to send the kids back on the big yellow bus and off to school. Well, for most people that is. For us, it is almost time to start our 6th year of educating our kids at home. I cannot believe it’s been that many years already. This year our kiddos will be a high school freshman (GASP!) and a middle school 7th grader. I love to send back to school treats to our co-op teachers as well as our sports coaches, our local librarians and anyone else who plays a role in how we teach and train up our kids. Today at SSInk we are sharing our Back to School Projects!

I hope my projects will inspire you to spoil the teachers and educators in your lives!


Everyone likes to give the teach an apple – so why not an apple themed card!



And of course all teachers need pencils! This one is extra special though, since it is filled with Rolos and a Hershey’s Kiss. I love how the Swirly Scribbles circles can be combined to become the apple. I mean, how cute it that!

These gifts are sure to be a big hit this year! Go ahead and give them a try!

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