The last year has proven to be a very trying time for us. Job loss, a major move and our life as we have known the last 11 years thrown completely on it’s ear. I’d say that is just about enough to send anyone to the edge.

However, during all of these very hard times we have not even seen the edge. We think about it, we talk about it but we have never been close. The reason for that? We have decided to put our 100% trust and faith in our savior Jesus Christ and we know that this journey is for His purpose. The journey is to somehow glorify Him. When someone gives their life to the Lord, they are not promised a life of happiness and roses. In fact, we are told to expect the opposite. Satan is always near, waiting for the chance to make you doubt your decision and win you over.The Bible tells us to expect persecution and hard times. But the reward in the end is well worth the sacrifice. And while we have faced our fair share of hard times these last 11 months, we have faith. And most of all we have Hope. Hope that we will finally walk the walk that Jesus asks us to. Hope that the choices we make from here on out will please our Lord and make him happy. Hope that by being faithful and humble to Him we will have a better life during our time left here and knowing that the life we will get when He returns will be far better than anything we could ever know here.
My friends often ask how we are holding up. The truth of it is, I’ve never felt better!! Giving my worry and fear to God to handle has given me the gift to enjoy this new journey. I don’t know where we are going or what the Lord has in store for us but I do know that I have Hope. What ever he gives me is his will and he knows much better what is best for me than I ever can. If that does not give someone Hope, then I don’t know what will.