Word of the year 2017

Hello friends! More of a personal post here today – because this year I want to learn more about your, my readers and I want you to learn more about me, Jen.

For the last few years I have prayed for and been given a word to help define the focus I need to have as each new year begins. 2015 was Hope, 2016 was Freedom and 2017’s word has been revealed to me nice and late on New Years Eve.

Back in November I had a powerful revelation happen during a weekend retreat. A simple phrase begun a total shift in my thinking. “Life the life that God has called you to and not the life others expect of you”

I’ve spent the last 2 months praying about that, and working towards that goal. I have also been working on my recovery from the curse of imperfection.

Lastly at that same retreat The Lord revealed to me a verse and now given what my word is for this year I believe this is who He is helping me become.

These 3 things combined feel like a huge trifecta. It is a lot to have all going on at once but I know that what God calls me to, He always equips me for.

What about you? Do you pray for or choose a word for the year, something to focus on. I would love to hear what your word for 2017 is!