Picture this folks!

I am turning in my application today for the open position of Crossing Guard at my daughters school. It isn’t a role I really saw myself in or even went looking for. The job posting has been up for over a month but I didn’t think to apply for it because it conflicts with my Women’s Bible Study at church. However a couple of staff members contacted me and asked me to consider taking the position. They said they would be able to cover that morning shift but really wanted me for the others. I already spent about 5 hours per week at the school volunteering in my daughter’s class and this would only be about 5 hours per week. Plus it could possible work into other positions at the school such as a substitute Noon duty (helping with lunchroom stuff and the following recess) and maybe into a part time aide position. With Big D starting Kindergarten in the fall I thought it would be a great opportunity! I mean, I would still be able to work in both of their classrooms plus bring in a little extra income each month.

So, I have prayed about it (for a longggggg time), talked with my wonderful husband and decided that I am going to do it. I am not looking forward to standing in the rain but I figure it really does not rain much here, I can handle 30 minutes here or there right?! So, wish me luck! I will let you know how it goes!