Upward Boise

My daughter and I have been involved with Upward Cheerleading for 3 years now. It is such a wonderful, non competitive program! When we moved last summer we were both a little worried that it would be something that we would not be able to do here. But, God has blessed us and we are just wrapping up our season.
Upward Boise runs an unbelievable program. Keeping Basketball and Cheer Jesus centered while teaching skills, building friendships and having fun. I have had such a wonderful experience this season and just wanted to encourage you to check this organization out! They offer Cheer, Basketball and coming in Fall of 2010 they will offer Flag football with Cheer. They run great summer camps and I look forward to 20111 when they will also offer Soccer.

I need to go through my photos so that I can share them here with you but I just wanted to let you know of this group. If you are looking for Christ centered sports for your child, THIS is the place!