Change is coming…bring it on!

There’s a line in one of my favorite movies….It goes something like this….

“I serve a mighty God. He will open doors He wants open and shuts doors he wants to shut.”
God has been showing himself in the details of our lives for months.
As you know, we are going to have to move because our house (which we rent) is up for sale. We are totally OK with that. God’s plans are always better than ours. 

Looks like He is done with us being renters and is ready to have us being owners again, here in our adopted home – Boise. 

Feeling like we are about to begin another amazing adventure. I cannot wait to see what He has prepared for us now.

What was the last adventure God took you on?

Open to the New Year

 This post is for the last 5 minute Friday of 2011…even though I am a couple of days late! The topic? Open


A new Year…2012. I have my heart and mind open to what ever the Lord has in store for us. I never would have imagined the road that we have traveled down and I cannot even fathom what might be in store for this year. I am open to new friendships. I am open to learning new things. I am open to closing old doors as God directs. I am open to being on the homeschool road for as long as we can, maybe forever.

I am open to doing a year long study of the Psalms. This is a scary commitment for me but I am ready and open for it.

I am open for the lessons that the Lord wants to teach me and know that they will not be easy. That is OK, I trust it is for the best for me.

I am open to the fact that my children and growing up right before my very eyes and I need to prepare myself and them for what lies ahead during these hard tween years.

I am open to the idea of moving to a different house next summer if our lease ends and we feel His direction. I am not looking forward to packing, but open to the idea.

I am open to what ever He directs because I know that what ever He brings me to, He will bring me through.


This is only the 2nd time I’ve participated and I really enjoy the time limit. I tend to overthink everything that I do, so this is agreat way to just write and not over do it!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope that your new year is off to a great start!


Patience is not my best trait

I am not a patient person by design. I have always had a good deal of patience when it comes to my children but when it comes to things I want or think that God might want for me – not so much. Maybe none of us are patient by design but being patient is one area of my life that I have got to learn to hand fully over to God. And over the last few years God has given me plenty of opportunity to hand it over and try to learn. I now understand that patience while waiting on God’s perfect timing develops strength. I have to trust Him more than myself. I learn that every time I wish for the waiting to end, I should stop and pray. Give God just a few moments of me and it helps me focus on being fully dependent on Him. I have learned that God’s timing is perfect, mine is not. God’s perfect timing has a reason and sometimes I just need to wait out what I think is His will for me for the perfect time for the plan to come together. I have learned that sometimes I have to be patient and wait for Him because He needs time to show me that what I am wanting or wishing for isn’t the right thing or part of His will.

Right now, I feel like I am in a time of pause. I need to wait and be patient. There might be some big things on our horizon and if it is meant to be then I need to let it go and Let God take care of it. In the meantime that means a lot of hurry up and wait. Be patient. Ugh! Not the easiest thing for me to do. So…here I vent and spout and probably make no sense at all. That is OK. I am learning that blogging needs to not be about me or the possible 2 or 3 people who might read. I need it to be about Him, all the time…..So Lord I am trying to wait, listen for your calling and be patient. Thank you for grace while I wait.

I am here, just waiting and being patient. If you too are in a time of waiting and testing of your patience I would love to hear about it. How do you wait? How patient are you? Is it easy for you to be patient or are you like me and want to just shove everyone else out of the way and get it taken care of?

Faith building obedience

Obedience is usually a word that makes me think of children. Mine, yours, her’s….it doesn’t really matter. Being obedient is something that we usually expect from children. When our children are not obedient then we have consequences for them. In our home when the kids were younger that would mean some time in the corner, or alone in their room along with an apology to the person that was disobeyed and an lesson on how to be obedient the next time. As the kids have gotten older the consequence may change but the expectation of obedience has not.

Do we ever expect our fellow grown ups to be obedient? I didn’t use to think so. It wasn’t until I began to take my relationship with Jesus much more seriously did I realize that I was going to be called to be obedient to Him and that thought rocked my world. I learned that if I prayed I had better expect Him to answer. Once the answer was given I needed to obey it, even if it wasn’t the answer I was hoping for or expecting. Recently this lesson has played out loud and clear in my life.

Many months ago it was laid on my heart by the Lord that I needed to start learning about homeschooling. He put people in my path along the way that were already involved with this form of education. I sought out people in my community, in my church and eventually on the Internet. I realized that this was no longer an abstract way to raise your children but in my state, it was actually a very common practice.

What on earth was I considering!!!???  I was finally a full time, stay at home mom. This was going to be the first year that both of my children were going to be in school all day long. I was about to have most of the days to myself, to do as I wanted. Whether that was work on blog posts, stamp a new card, take a class at the YMCA or have coffee with a girlfriend, my days were going to me about me and what I wanted. Ha Ha Ha!! Who was I kidding…..I should have known that idea was way toooooo good to be true!

Fast forward to this summer when the decision was finally made that this was the path that God was wanting for our family. As much as I had dreamed of having time each day for God and myself I knew in my heart and from all of the signs and ways God shows Himself that this was what I was supposed to do. And when I realized that, acceptance was easy. This wasn’t some half thought out plan. This was God’s Will for my life and I knew I had to obey.

The big day had finally arrived. We were about to begin this new journey! The kids and I finished our morning routine of breakfast, getting dressed and morning chores. We headed upstairs to the school room and were just sitting down to pray and start our day when the phone rang. I had set a rule that no phone, internet or email during school time but before I could utter a word the kids were running for the phone. On the other end was my dear husband. He was calling to give me the news that it was his first year anniversary at his job and he was going to be getting a raise. The amount of the raise he was given was the same amount that I was loosing by leaving my part time job at the school to be home with my kids. While I’d like to say I was shocked the only words I could utter at that moment was ” I knew it!!! I just knew it!!!” “God had this whole entire thing planned out and he just wanted to see if we would trust Him enough to actually obey His will for our life!”  I instantly felt like we had been rewarded for being obedient.

Now I have to admit that this is the first time I can say that we were ever rewarded monetarily for being obedient to God. Actually this will probably be the first, last and only time this will ever happen to us. And that is just fine! To be given such a tangible reward, for it to be something that we can actually see and use to show how trusting God is worth it being a once in a lifetime event.

Do you feel that God has put something on your heart or is calling you to do? Are you listening to Him and are you willing to be obedient? If you don’t, you may miss out on a great reward, a once in a lifetime reward. It may be something that you can share with an unbeliever and use to show that God is alive and well and working in our lives right now. I wouldn’t want to miss that opportunity. I hope that by sharing this story with you, you won’t miss yours.