Advent……and a Jesse Tree

Thanksgiving has passed and Advent is almost upon us. I have never really known what that word Advent means but I intend to find out this year. A new tradition of ours – A Jesse Tree Advent Devotional. We have found the branches to create our tree from a neighbors clippings waiting to be tossed out with the trash. I found a wide mouthed but skinny necked vase, with a red bow to use as the planter. Leftover white batting will fill the empty space in the vase and tomorrow we begin to learn of Advent and Jesse and His family tree.

I am so excited to take the kids on this journey and learn with them along the way. I have the first 10 days or so printed out and I will pray over them and for them. May God lead me on the way to find the true understanding of Advent.

And so I continue to count my gifts…..1000 Gifts
#71 A neighbors cutting can be our branches
#72 a new life for a long forgotten vase
#73 The red ribbon tied and ready to go
#74 White batting to fill the empty space and helping me give up on perfect
#75 THIS project to getting stopped by my perfectionism

Blessing and love to you! Thank for you stopping by!