Comparison Shopping

Now that we are on an even tighter budget than have had to be in years it is very important to figure out who in this town has the best deals on the things we buy most. I have spent the last 2 months flying by the seat of my pants. I’ve been all over town, trying all different options.

Today, my oldest daughter had a birthday party in Eagle and since I was in the neighborhood I decided to go ahead and try WinCo again for the weekly shopping. I used to love WinCo back home but after a few moves the stores were just tooooo far away. Now, the closest store is only 15 minutes away and well worth the drive.

I just wanted to share some of the deals that my local WinCo had. I understand that prices vary from region to region and your prices may vary, but I was totally thrilled when I had to pay for my purchases.

Milk – $1.98 gal
Butter – $1.96 LB (WOW!)

Red Potatoes – $.48 LB or $2.48 for a 5 LB bag
Garlic – .48 EACH
Broccoli – .88 LB
Yellow Onion – .48 LB
Avocado – .68 EACH, small size
Tomatoes – several varieties $1.28 LB

Spaghetti – In Bulk .79 LB
Cinnamon – In Bulk $1.64 LB…this is just over .03 OZ….Screaming deal!
Popcorn – .65 LB
Chocolate Chips $2.74 LB

It is very important to mention here that WinCo has the BEST prices on produce. They set their price at the beginning of every year and it will NEVER be higher than that. They do offer some things on sale, like the pears this week were .78LB, but it will never be more than the price the set. I was able to get Caesar Salad for $1.48 a bag and bananas are always .47 LB or less. Wal-Mart or Albertsons CANNOT match the prices at WinCo even on their best sales. And I have found that the produce at Wal-Mart goes bad very quickly.

This week I did not need to buy hardly any meat and I am sure that helped my budget but I spent less than $56.00 for THE WEEK~!!!

If you have a WinCO in your area, I suggest you take the time to start shopping there. Compare the prices and see if the distance and time saves you any money. They have a huge bulk foods section and I see that as a huge savings in my future. All I will need to invest in is a few good containers for certain items. And the long term savings will outweigh that in no time. I have actually started a spread sheet comparing prices between the 3 stores mentioned here and as time goes by I will share the results.

I hope that you will find this tip helpful in saving your family money and getting more bang for your grocery buck!