Please Lord be with my family

I am feeling like the orphan sister no one wanted. My parents have both passed away and I cannot get my brothers to speak to me. I am so sad, hurt and just cannot figure out how we can fix this.

Please heal this pain. My family has never been good at this, but now it seems we are worse than ever. I do not want to live the rest of my life without them….

In your name,

Season of waiting

I am not sure Lord what you have me doing right now. I hope that I am correct in seeing the signs you are putting out for me and that I need to be patient and wait this out. I know that your good will come from which ever direction you take us and I am happy and willing to be obedient. I just ask for confirmation Lord as I wait. I praise you and all the blessing you put upon our family. Holy, Holy, Holy are you Lord. Please just give me peace and calm while we wait.

In your blessed name,

God Speaking or me wishing….

Some days it is so hard to know for sure. Is that feeling on my heart coming from God or coming for my selfish side. Does that conviction I feel really come from God or is the self-doubt I feel after the truth. Is Satan making me think that I don’t know for sure what I thought I knew?

Our family is in a great season. We are blessed in so many ways. I am so very thankful for that. But I sense that something big has been coming for a while now. I’ve talked to friends about it. And I think that maybe now I am seeing what God has in store next for us. But…then I second guess myself and wonder if that really isn’t it at all.

If you happen to read this, please pray for clarity for me and my family as we face this next season. Please pray that above all else we trust in God and His plan for our lives. Even if it isn’t quite what we thought was coming. Help to want to truly live for His glory everyday and everything we do and say. Make our faith active.

My prayer for tonight

Heavenly Father I come before you tonight realizing that when I am feeling greedy I want “things” more than I want You. I put “things” in place of you Lord thereby committing Idolarty.
Please change my heart Lord. Please help me to not be that person but be the person you want me to be. Move and shape me so that I am not greedy for money but instead eager to serve you.
Please help my family Father so that my children see this trait in me and learn also to not be greedy or try to fill their lives or hearts with “things” Instead may we all learn to come to You when we are broken or empty, sad or hurt and have You fix us instead of “things” pretending to fix us.

Thank You for Your life changing Word that speaks to my heart, shows my mind and opens my eyes to the ways You wish for me to live. For giving me the guidelines I need at any time right at my fingertips.

In Your blessed name,

Verses that inspired this prayer
Ephesians 5:5 and the study notes in my NIV bible
1 Peter 5:2