Open to the New Year

 This post is for the last 5 minute Friday of 2011…even though I am a couple of days late! The topic? Open


A new Year…2012. I have my heart and mind open to what ever the Lord has in store for us. I never would have imagined the road that we have traveled down and I cannot even fathom what might be in store for this year. I am open to new friendships. I am open to learning new things. I am open to closing old doors as God directs. I am open to being on the homeschool road for as long as we can, maybe forever.

I am open to doing a year long study of the Psalms. This is a scary commitment for me but I am ready and open for it.

I am open for the lessons that the Lord wants to teach me and know that they will not be easy. That is OK, I trust it is for the best for me.

I am open to the fact that my children and growing up right before my very eyes and I need to prepare myself and them for what lies ahead during these hard tween years.

I am open to the idea of moving to a different house next summer if our lease ends and we feel His direction. I am not looking forward to packing, but open to the idea.

I am open to what ever He directs because I know that what ever He brings me to, He will bring me through.


This is only the 2nd time I’ve participated and I really enjoy the time limit. I tend to overthink everything that I do, so this is agreat way to just write and not over do it!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope that your new year is off to a great start!