I’m quitting the ‘Poo!

Ok..I admit, the title is a bit lacking but I wanted to make a point. I’ve been doing all kinds of research on living a more natural life and one of the interesting articles I found was about giving up shampoo. At first read, I knew it was NOT for me but the more I read and thought about it, I have decided to give it a try. If you have never heard of this before, basically you give up washing your hair with “regular” products and switch to all natural or no products at all. And my all natural I mean…just baking soda and water. For those with longer hair or in need of conditioning, then a rinse after the wash can be done with an apple cider/water mix. And that is it….Soumds crazy doesn’t it!!!

My inspiration came from this article on Simple Mom, if you are interested in reading more about this. I am only on day 3 and to be honest my hair feels….weird. Like a combination of slightly greasy straw. Tomorrow I am going to rinse with the Apple Cider mix to see what that does but I’ve decided that I am going to stick it out for at least 2 more weeks and see if I can pull it off. I love the idea of not using chemical based soaps on my head or my children’s head any longer if I don’t have to. I don’t feel like I have anything to loose and if it gets too bad or gross then I’ll get the shampoo back out and rub my head with the suds.

I’d love to hear from you if you have ever done this, or still like ‘poo free. And if you decide to jump on the wagon and try it with me, please let me know. We can cheer each other on.  I will post updates as well to let you know how it goes.