We bought a……..


OK, truth be told – there was part of me that wanted to say Zoo! Because I love that movie. But I cannot lie and that would just be mean. 

So…..here is the real story. It looks like we have been blessed with a house! 
I almost cannot believe it, so I want to write it down here. 

Today we signed acceptance papers on our new home. Every time I think of it, I am overwhelmed with tears and emotion and I almost cannot go on. I feel a bit cynical because nothing ever comes easy to us and I feel like I’ve spend many of the last 15 years waiting for the other shoe to drop. This house would be the biggest blessing we could ever receive. More specifically, the biggest gift my husband could ever receive. 
Almost everything about the house is NEW. New paint Inside and outside, new windows, a new AC Unit, a new furnace, a new hot water heater, all of the kitchen appliances are NEW. New carpet and flooring for the entire house. ALL NEW!! Oh!! and a new ROOF!
Basically every big or major thing that could or would go wrong has already been replaced. WHA?!?!?!? 
But WAIT….My God is bigger than that! He also decided to get this house priced BELOW market value and get a grant for a portion of the mortgage. So this means we end up with a lower overall payment that what we have now to rent. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! I Serve a mighty God who opens doors He wants to open and closes doors He wants to shut.

I am slowly coming to terms with His generosity. And how it’s His generosity and not mine. I dreamed of a slightly bigger house, maybe a little more rural. Instead he is blessing us with a turn key home, free of major repairs and the ability to stay close to our circle of life.  He is once again helping me to die to myself and raise up in His way for my life.
And not only is He helping me turn my heart toward The Father but He is helping me to being a wife who loves and honors her husband and his desire to provide for his family.  This is SOOO much more than a house. 

So stay tuned friends! I will post pictures soon and we will be looking for help in moving! Thanks for joining us in the adventure that we call life!

Love you all~