Before I became a Christian

I am wrestling with some hard issues now and just need to get my thoughts and feelings out somewhere. And maybe here, they will help someone else wrestling with the same or similar issues.
Before I became a Christian, I didn’t think much about the harm or helpfulness of most holidays. They were mostly created to give children or adults a reason to party, or greeting card companies and the like a reason to market and sell a ton of unneeded, useless products. I bought into these holidays and for some embraced them with vigor and created family traditions with my children around them.

But now that I am looking at life through God Shaped glasses I am wondering what is the best way to get my children and myself out of the World View mindset. Is it to be big & bold and just pull the plug and explain it in biblical terms quoting scripture and God’s Word? Or since the kids are still so young might it be better to slowly start to pull away from one, and then another all the while focusing on the holidays that are Christian based and putting the emphasis on CHRIST in them? Of course the latter seems the obvious choice but I somehow wonder if I am spiritually equipped to do it. I guess if God is leading me to it, then he has equipped me for it and will lead me through it.

There is a rather big, but somewhat disturbing holiday approaching. It didn’t used to be disturbing to me. In fact, I have some wonderful childhood memories about neighborhood parties, haunted houses in our garage and my dad’s creativeness at coming up with new costumes each year. But this year I am bothered by the idea of my kids celebrating a holiday that seems to be focusing more and more on death, zombies, ghouls and the like. I don’t have a problem really with the carving of pumpkins, I rather like the seeds if I tell the truth. I don’t mind the passing out of candy although I’m a bit worried if it’s been tainted, poisoned or messed with. I don’t mind the costumes that are cute, funny or creative. It guess it’s the blood, guts, evil-one themed parts of Halloween I have had enough of.

My church this year will be offering Trunk or Treat. I think that’s a good idea, but just wonder if it sends kids a mixed signal? I really don’t know. I do know that I need to pray over this, ask some of the more spiritual mature ladies that I trust their feelings on it and seek out some scripture. Am I worrying about something that really isn’t a big deal or is that Satan having a way with my brain that is so used to thinking about life from a World View. All good questions. All hard questions. But one of the things I’ve learned this week during my bible study is to be watchful of the tough choices. Listen for the challenges. That is God speaking to you and if you want to hear Him clearly and more often then you need to listen at all times.