Can’t we just speak our mind?

Tonight I read an article about business owners here in Idaho that were going to have to close down shop….

It is amazing to me how divided our country has become. What if the roles were reversed and a gay owner no longer wanted to perform marriages for hetero-sexual couples…… Would we have the same kind of outcry? Why can’t God-loving people operate God honoring businesses and and just be left alone? It’s not like they are going out to bash and hurt people who live a lifestyle different than their own!  How often do you see a Christian ostracizing the rest of the population for their beliefs in the main stream media? Not that often……yet those who live an alternative lifestyle cry foul at every turn. There is no such thing as equality if you live a life that doesn’t follow the World’s Standards. Instead you are called a hater. A bigot. Someone without love and compassion.

That is Hooey! I love Jesus and my call is to love those around me.

 “Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle you must fear or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don’t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate.”

Friends – we have to end this madness…..I love you but maybe I don’t love your sin. That isn’t the end of the world. Let’s get through this together!

IN THE SAME WAY!!!! Please love me….but I still sin. Don’t love my sin! Help me, hold me accountable. Tell me how important I am to you but how much I hurt you when I sin against you!!

Just because I have met Jesus in my own personal way does not mean I am without sin. It just means that I know I’m broken. I am wrecked. I made a mess of my life and only 1 thing saves me from spending eternity in Hell.
His name is Jesus and He Loves Me!
He loves you too even if you don’t know Him yet.

We bought a……..


OK, truth be told – there was part of me that wanted to say Zoo! Because I love that movie. But I cannot lie and that would just be mean. 

So… is the real story. It looks like we have been blessed with a house! 
I almost cannot believe it, so I want to write it down here. 

Today we signed acceptance papers on our new home. Every time I think of it, I am overwhelmed with tears and emotion and I almost cannot go on. I feel a bit cynical because nothing ever comes easy to us and I feel like I’ve spend many of the last 15 years waiting for the other shoe to drop. This house would be the biggest blessing we could ever receive. More specifically, the biggest gift my husband could ever receive. 
Almost everything about the house is NEW. New paint Inside and outside, new windows, a new AC Unit, a new furnace, a new hot water heater, all of the kitchen appliances are NEW. New carpet and flooring for the entire house. ALL NEW!! Oh!! and a new ROOF!
Basically every big or major thing that could or would go wrong has already been replaced. WHA?!?!?!? 
But WAIT….My God is bigger than that! He also decided to get this house priced BELOW market value and get a grant for a portion of the mortgage. So this means we end up with a lower overall payment that what we have now to rent. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! I Serve a mighty God who opens doors He wants to open and closes doors He wants to shut.

I am slowly coming to terms with His generosity. And how it’s His generosity and not mine. I dreamed of a slightly bigger house, maybe a little more rural. Instead he is blessing us with a turn key home, free of major repairs and the ability to stay close to our circle of life.  He is once again helping me to die to myself and raise up in His way for my life.
And not only is He helping me turn my heart toward The Father but He is helping me to being a wife who loves and honors her husband and his desire to provide for his family.  This is SOOO much more than a house. 

So stay tuned friends! I will post pictures soon and we will be looking for help in moving! Thanks for joining us in the adventure that we call life!

Love you all~

It’s time to say goodbye

This is also my very FIRST Blog Hop and I am so excited to have you join me!

Another year is here and another retired list has been released. Of course this means we are saying goodbye to many of our favorites! Today I want to share with you a card from one of my favorite sets, Delicate Doilies. This set worked so well for all color combinations and so many different occasions.

For my card I used Wisteria Wonder, Daffodil Delight and Melon Mambo. Since this card is for encouragement I wanted to use bright and cheery colors. The sentiment comes from another retiring set called Blessings from Heaven. A small accent of ribbon and a couple of pearls finish this off with a simple elegance.

I hope you have enjoyed my card and now send you to Darla and her creation!

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Change is coming…bring it on!

There’s a line in one of my favorite movies….It goes something like this….

“I serve a mighty God. He will open doors He wants open and shuts doors he wants to shut.”
God has been showing himself in the details of our lives for months.
As you know, we are going to have to move because our house (which we
rent) is up for sale. We are totally OK with that. God’s plans are
always better than ours. 

Looks like He is done with us being renters and is ready to have us being owners again, here in our adopted home – Boise. 

Feeling like we are about to begin another amazing adventure. I cannot wait to see what He has prepared for us now.

What was the last adventure God took you on?