5 Minute Friday…Grit

Here I am, another 5 minute Friday.  The topic today is Grit. The idea of 5 minute Friday is no thinking…just writing. Not writing for anyone but yourself and no need to worry if it is right, or brilliant or anything else, just write.

So….ready or not…. GO!

The get, down and dirty, hard stuff of life. These days, my grit is mostly the dust that doesn’t get dealt with because we are taking Friday Field trips, or make up days for unfinished work. Or it’s the grit on the floor of the school room that needs to be swept but I don’t want to interrupt the lesson to grab the vacuum and take care of it. Once I leave the room, I forget and then it’s still there on the next school day.

Grit is the hard moments when DS doesn’t want to do this hard writing or DD is stuck on a math problem and I really want her to try to figure it out on her own. Grit is the times when I know I’m doing the best thing possible but wondering if’ I’m trying to do too much?

Grit is the menu changes I am trying to make to get rid of the dry skin, bad gas and other ailments that plague my family but are not worthy of a visit to the DR.

Grit is the way I feel seeing my kids growing and learning to be their own people and knowing they are going to rebel and push bask in some way, some day.

Grit is the jist of my life and I would not have it any other way.


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