The gift giving changes as our hearts have been changed

For the past 3 years we have been intentional about shifting the focus of this holiday from being about Santa, presents and stuff to Jesus, life and grace. This year I can see a difference in our children and how they feel about what Christmas means. Back in late October I think, we explained to the kids that this year they were going to only receive 5 gifts from us – the parents.
 1. A gift of want
2. A gift of need
3. A gift of wear
4. A gift of read
5 One from Santa
Yes, we still have 1 Santa believer in this house and while I think he is pretty close to figuring it out, this is not the best time of year to spill the beans. So…Santa will bring 1 this year.

This new approach has been so well received and I am very proud of my kids. As of this moment, they only have a few things on their wishlists and today my daughter who is 10 actually said, outloud “I would be OK if I didn’t get any gifts this year. What if we just gave to the homeless or needy instead?” My eyes filled with tears and I knew she finally understood – Jesus is the reason for the season!!!

I am grateful for how the Lord is working to change our hearts about the holiday.
Thank you for stopping by to share this glimpse of my amazing, ordinary life.


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