Blessing for the day

I have not been so good about coming back here and listing my blessings each day but I am trying to keep track of them more often. I was just sweeping my floors and realized that I am so very blessed that my children have a father who wants to go to school with them in the morning, sit with them while they eat breakfast and play a little before the first bell of the day rings. Then, when it’s lunchtime he wants to surprise them with his company, hang out with them and their friends in the loud, crowded gym that doubles as a Cafe, watch them during lunch recess play with their friends and spend time talking to their fellow students.
My husband will soon be leaving for a work related trip and it makes my heart sing to see that he wants to spend as much time with his kids as he can. Even if it’s something as small as hanging out with them during lunchtime. That is such a blessing.

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