Living Intentionally

So is there a difference between living intentionally and living with the best of intentions? I mean, if we are good hearted people who try and do good to others and for others isn’t that enough?We mind our own business, pay our bills and taxes, feed, clothe and love our children aren’t we doing that in our own and their best interest?
Or is it possible that there is more out there? What if every morning before we even got out of bed we said to ourselves-“Self, I am going to go out of my way to do something good for one other person. I am going to be sure to take that extra hug or kiss from my child even if I am on my way to change out the laundry. I am going to be sure to get off of the computer early tonight and spend some time with my spouse.” How much better would our lives be and maybe more importantly how much better would the lives of those around us be? How hard is it really to spend an extra few seconds here and there to make sure that we are doing what we are called to do and give those around us the time they need.
How hard would is be to give ourselves 10 or 25 minutes out of every 24 hours to make sure we are doing even just one thing to recharge our batteries, soothe our soul or read a few passages from our bibles? How hard is it to let the person in the lane next to us get over or give a smile to a person we pass by who is wearing a frown? Could it be that our biggest obstacle in day to day life is our “but”…as is, But I need to get to this appointment, or “I will play with you but first I need to make this one phone call” or “I would read my bible daily but I am just so tired at the end of the day, or I can’t get up just a little early to do it”. How could we make the lives of the people around us better if we just got our “But……’ out of the way and tried to live the life that we promised Jesus we would live or for the non believer that we want to live BUT just can’t seem to.
I am trying very hard to put this concept in place in my life. I challenge you do to the same. When and if you do, please let me know how it’s going!!! I would love to be able to love on you, give you encouragement and pick you up when your BUT get’s in the way. I know that mine sure does….all the time! I’m not perfect and know I won’t be in this life. All I can do is my very best each day, ask for forgiveness when I fail and keep on going.