Meow Meow!!

Some of you might remember our cat O’Riley. We adopted him last summer from a local shelter. He was an young adult orange tabby with the coolest personality. We really enjoyed having him as part of our family…but the silly boy must have been a wanderer. Cuz…he kept running away! The last time was a few months ago and I had resigned myself that we just were not destined to have a cat.
But I am a total cat person. I just kept having this nagging voice telling me that we should try again. I knew we didn’t want a kitten….I already have 2 kids, I didn’t need 2 more. I didn’t want a cat that was older and already set in it’s ways. I needed to find a cat that was still young, good with people, especially kids. No health problems, already fixed and current on shots. Seemed like a lot to ask. So, I checked with the local pet rescue places and they actually did not have any cats they thought would fit our family. I knew I could go to the county shelter and rescue one there but I thought to myself…..maybe I can rescue one before it ended up there.
Which is what took me to Craigslist. Anytime I need anything that is one of the first places that I check. I contacted a number of people before I found a cat that really seemed like it would be a good fit. The catch was…..he had a buddy…and their owner really wanted to keep them together. Now, I have always thought that cats should be in pairs at least so I didn’t have a problem with this. DH was not thrilled when I brought the idea to him but because he is such a great guy, and he knew how much I really wanted a cat so he agreed to go check them out with the kids and I. We had to drive about 40 minutes to get to their home……….but I think it was worth the trip.

So these are our new boys…..

They of course have names – they were named after a classical music composer (Can’t remember who) who had 2 alter egos. Florestan and Eusebuis….which are very hard names to not only remember but to pronounce. So we are going to have to try to come up with something a little easier. We are thinking for the white/orange one we will just shorten it to Stan. But for the silky grey one….not really sure yet.

So far Stan has adjusted really well. He is out and about checking out the house. He loves to have his head rubbed and has the loudest purr. Now his MIA and we kind of expected that. We were told he is very shy at first but will warm up quickly and actually be the one who is the big love. Hopefully we will see him tomorrow but for now we are just going to give him as much time as he needs.

So that is our exciting news for the day. Thanks for coming by to see what is going on with us!!