Ever had a Bat??

Last night I was cleaning up my stamp area. I have been a busy girl with some Challenge cards and D’s birthday invites and my table was a huge mess. I don’t create well that way….I am way too organized. So I had this huge pile of cards that I can use for RAK’s, birthday’s etc. but I needed a place to store them. Since the move I have not been able to find my box I usually use. I walked out to the garage to grab one of the many empty shoe boxes I keep for reasons just like this.
I was about 10 steps in and was almost dive bombed by this flying animal. It was flying in a circle and at first I thought it was one of the annoying little starlings that have made a nest in my attic. But as it made it’s 2nd pass at me I realized that it’s wingspan was way to long and the shape just didn’t match one of those little birds. It took maybe 1/2 of a second for me to realize what was going on……and by that time I was running for the door.
I have never seen a bat that close to me except at a zoo when it was behind a glass wall. I came flying into the basement trying not to scream and wake the kids……”It’s a Bat!! It’s a Bat in the garage!!!” My husband was on the couch and just kind of looked at me. “What?” he says.
I took a few deep breaths and told him again….and of course I was not going to go back out there to show him what I had found. Luckily he was able to just open the garage door from the outside and the little bat flew out and away. I have no idea how, or when he got in there and I have no idea how many of his friends live around here. But be sure that I am on the lookout now. I know there are bats everywhere. I am used to seeing them at dusk when we are out camping. I’m just not used to seeing them in my garage!!

How about a card?

I’ve made a few cards in the last month for challenges and such that I have not posted here. So I thought tonight that I would share one with you. All products used are Stampin Up! unless otherwise noted.
This card was created for a Limited Supply Challenge. I am afraid I don’t remember which one and cannot look it up at the moment, as SCS is down for maintenance. But I do remember that the challenge was to make a masculine birthday card using a non-masculine set.
The card base is Old Olive, stamped with Print Pattern. The main image is stamped on Whisper White. I colored the image with watercolor crayons and blended with the Aqua Painter.
Then it is mounted on black and More Mustard. I used a CM corner rounder as well. The sentiment is stamped in Mustard, mounted on White. I used a black pen for the faux brads and mounted on black gingham ribbon.

I think it turned out really well. I was not sure where I was going with this when I started it but I do think it ended up being fairly masculine.

Thanks for stopping by. I am planning on doing quite a bit of stamping this weekend so hopefully I will have lots to share with you!

If I would just stop traveling

Maybe I could keep up on my Blog a little better. I’ve been wanting to post for days and days….sorry I took so long.

So – Disneyland! We had a wonderful time! The morning we left, we pulled the kids out of bed and right to the car at 4:30am. Once we got to the airport and got the bags checked in we were finally able to breath for a few moments. We had not told the kids we were taking a trip, and even at the airport we did not tell them where we were going.
So, we got on the plane and got totally lucky to end up getting one whole row to ourselves. The flight was pretty quick and the kids did a great job! D started getting restless about 1/2 hour before landing and then fell asleep. Of course!!

Anyways…we started out trip in San Diego with a quick visit at my oldest brothers house. We have not seen him or his wife since Christmas so that was a treat! And they treated us to SeaWorld. Oh man…what a fun place. It was our first trip to SD or SeaWorld and the kids loved Shamu! My son is still asking every day to go again….More, More he asks!

This is DD at the tide pool. She was freaked at first but was then totally into it.

This next pic is my brother, sis in law, DD, with me and DS in the back.

DS favorite part of the day was
He was up on his feet clapping and hollering everytime Shamu did a trick. It was so cool to see them having so much fun!
The kids could have just stayed there and watched show after show after show.

After a few more activities and a very full day, we headed up north to spend the rest of the evening with Mike and Kiki. It was really hard to leave them the next day, as we were headed to Anaheim but I was so thankful that we had the chance to even spend 1 day with them.

As this post has gotten a tad long, I’ll wrap it up and post again tomorrow. I think we took something like 500 pictures so it could get to be a 10 parter before it’s all said and done!

Thanks for coming by and seeing what is going on here. If you haven’t already Please sign my guestbook! I would love to know where everyone is visiting from.

More cards….

I have been really busy the last week or so, trying to get caught up on some challenges. Last week’s Ways to Use it challenge was Acetate or window sheets. I would love to actually try a shaker card sometime but last week was not the time for me to take on a card that seems so hard and scary. So, instead I used the sheets to create the mirror effect. I have made one other card using this technique quite some time ago and I really liked it. Since I was able to make a trade and get Lovely as a Tree, I thought that would be a good set to try with this.

Another first for me was making an oversized, square card. The dimensions are about 5.5 X 5.5. The card base is Caribbean cool. The main image was stamped on Whisper White and stamped with Black Stazon. I used the Watercolor crayons and Gamasol for the coloring. The image is then mounted on Gable Green and Chocolate. A Chocolate polka dot ribbon was used as the final accent.

The other Way’s to Use it challenge I did involved Orchid. I always think I am going to have a hard time with this color, but I am pretty happy with the way this turned out.

For this card the Orchid is used as the card base and the main image came from the set Bud Basics. It was in last year’s summer mini (I think) and I really hope that it will be in the upcoming SU! Catalog. Black was used as the main accent color, with little splashes of Green Galore. I used both the word window punch and the horizontal slot punch on the card. It is a very bright, springy card and I really like it.

My family and I are leaving on Saturday morning for our first real family vacation since having both kids. It is a total spur of the moment trip, which is not like my DH at all. He called me last week at work one day and just said “Lets take a trip…get to some sunshine for a few days”
So, of course I jumped on it……We are going to the Happiest Place on Earth. And our kids have NO idea!!! I’ve been secretly packing all week, and we are just going to grab them out of bed Saturday morning and head out. We are going to spend 1 night with my brother in San Diego, hit the beach and SeaWorld. Then on Sunday, head to Anaheim for 3 days with Mickey and the gang. Our DD is just going to flip out when she figures out where we are at. I cannot wait to see the look on her face!!!
So, I won’t be blogging about cards for the next week most likely but I am still going to try very hard to come and Blog about our day – The more I Blog, the more I like to Blog….

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Here She is!

I have finally overcome my fear of unmounted stamps and acrylic blocks. I had never used one before, but I got these cool stamps……Bella’s……and that is what StampingBella suggested. So, I ordered them, got them and there they sat. For a few weeks. Until last night, when I made this……

The card base is Pretty in Pink, and the horizontal panels are done with Designer Paper from the Stampin’ Up! Spring Mini. Paisley and Polka Dots was used to create the background.
My girl is a CosmoBella and she is colored with watercolor crayons, an Aqua Painter and markers. Main image is mounted on Cool Caribbean and Old Olive.

I am soooooo happy with how it turned out. Especially the coloring. I can’t wait to make her some friends.

What year do you belong in?

This is a super fun quiz I saw on Dawn and Tracy’s Blogs

You Belong in 1977

Bold and brash, you take life by the horns. Whether you’re partying or protesting, you give it your all!

So, give it a shot….what year do you belong in? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Country Thunder

A few posts ago I said that the next one would be a Country Thunder…..and it almost is. But since I am stamping again, and that is what the blog started out about I thought I should post those….

BUT – now, onto Country Thunder.
Country Thunder is a 4 day Country Music Festival. It is held in a few locations throughout the US. I have never been before, in fact I really didn’t listen to country music until December of last year. My sister in law took me to Las Vegas to see a band she really liked. Turns out that I really liked them too. They were not your usual country music where my dog just died, and my girlfriend ran off with my best friend and my truck broke down. No, this was different. This was FUN. It had soul and energy and I came away feeling wonderful! The band was called Big and Rich. And from that day I was totally hooked to their music. So shortly after the Vegas trip, Michelle and I started talking about where to go next to see them. She had traveled to a couple of places to see them and I knew I wanted to go the next time. So we looked at the schedule and saw this show, er I mean festival and decided to go for it! She works for Alaska Airlines, so she gets us on the flights. And I’m a travel agent so I get the great deals for the cars and hotels. We are a great pair!

So, the weekend of April 14th we headed off to the desert sun for some country fun. Each day there were 6 or 8 band playing. On Saturday just before Big and Rich were scheduled to play was their good friend Gretchen Wilson. She is a member of the Muzik Mafia and a wonderful artist. She is a favorite of mine, so I was tickeled to see her.

So, after her set was done the final act came on. I won’t go into the long story ;o) just know that Big and Rich rocked the house and by the encore, we had worked our way down about 30 rows and were in the front row! It was absolutely amazing. After the show we hung around for a while waiting for the poeple to clear out and ended up each getting a play list off the stage. I’m just going to pretend mine came from John Rich :o)

Oh yeah, did I mention that I love John Rich. Something about his black hat, boots and that super sweet face!

I love Pink

Pink’s are some of my favorite colors. I used to not enjoy pink at all, but these days…I love using it. Aren’t I lucky that this week’s Color Challenge was to also use pink. As many as you wanted, how ever you wanted…but only pink and neutral.

The main image was done with Roses in Winter. When I first used this set I did not like it at all. I was a beginner stamper and I thought it was too hard and never looked right. But it was always a hit at the classes I was going to, and everyone else loved it.
It took me using it only a couple of times before I realized what they loved about it. I have never made a bad card with this set and when ever I feel like my MoJo is off – I pull it out. While I might not be able to demo this set after June, I will not be letting it go and I’m sure it will see just as much ink as it does now.

The main image was double mounted and the scribbles are hand drawn as is the underlining on the sentiment. Stickles are added to the main image for sparkle. The background is done with Cheesecloth, another stamp that has gotten the axe for the next catalog.

Sketch Challenge!

I really enjoyed the sketch challenge this week. I needed something that was on the easy side. This sketch fit the bill perfectly. I know I will be using it again.

The card base is Apricot. The main image is stamped on Whisper White, then matted on black and Pale Plum. I used the water color crayons and Gamsol to color the image and white area of Print Pattern for the back panel. A circle punch was used for the sentiment area, black journal pen was used for the diamond centers and it was all finished off with black gingham ribbon.

I have never used these colors together but really like how they turned out.