Waiting on the Mini

So, at SU! headquarters, it’s midnight on Oct 15th. The time when I thought the upcoming Winter Mini Catalog would be available online for Demonstrators to view. But, alas it is not there. At least not yet. Now it is almost 12:20am SU time and I’m not sure it’s coming….maybe the morning? I have heard the whisperings of new card kits, fantasic new ribbons and coordinating stamp sets, backgrounds and papers. I hate to wait…..for anything really. So I was really excited I was still up working on cards at this hour.

Oh well, guess we just keep waiting. In the meantime, here is a card I designed for my monthly stamp camp. I am pretty happy with it and the ladies who came today said it was quick and easy. Which is what they like. And we all know how important it is to keep your customers happy!

It’s Thursday again

and sorry I have not updated in a week. I’ve had no time to myself. But tonight is it!! I can’t wait. Another Grey’s! Only 3.5 hours my time until it starts.

And today I managed to make and upload 2 cards. I am having a stamp camp this weekend and need to come up with my ideas. I know I want to use Roses in Winter and Happy Everything so at least I have that decided.

So, here they are…..


I LOVE Grey’s Anatomy. Not love it like…oh yeah, I’ve seen it a few times. But like OMG is it Thursday, and it’s almost 8pm. I’m addicted. My live revolves around this show. The ringtone on my cell phone is the theme song.In fact, I’m watching now as I type. What a great scene with Addy and Mer in the closet!
Anyone else out there love this show as much as I do?? Please tell me I’m not a total freak!

Some new cards

I’ve been working on some gift packs for an auction and have not been doing any challenges in a few week. But tonight I said the heck with it….I want to do something different. So, these are my creations for tonight.

I really should get off to bed but need to get a few CC RAK’s out. I’ve been slacking a little. So, all you challenge chasers, be watching your mailbox.

A whole new house

So, I know this blog is mostly about stampin but I wanted to throw this into the mix. Last week we got new carpet in our house. For those who have been here….you know just how ugly it really was. But the new stuff is gorgeous!!! I mean, it’s like living in someone else’s house. It makes the place look totally different.

So anyways….there it is. The new stuff and we love it!